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Who We Are?

We are developing innovative therapies in the field of glycoimmunology and oncology


The challenge


Paradigm shift


Cancer cells disguise

Our Technology

Identifies and targets cancer cells

We combine scientific expertise with passion and belief

Our Passion

We are driven by a strong sense of responsibility that motivates us to consistently push the boundaries of science.

Our Mission

We are committed to research and develop innovative and lifesaving therapies in oncology.

Meet The Team

A team of internationally recognized experts in the field of glycoimmunology and oncology with several ongoing partnerships and collaborations with research centers and oncology clinical institutes in Portugal, Germany and the USA.

Paula Videira, PhD


Carlos Novo, PhD


Nuno Prego Ramos, MSc, PhD st


Advisory Board

A group of highly respected personalities in the field of oncology and clinical research.

The Challenge

When treating epithelial cancers, conventional treatments often affect normal tissues and fail to eliminate highly aggressive cancer cells responsible for disease spreading and relapse. Several tumor biomarkers have been identified as potential targets, leading to the development of more effective therapies that can significantly improve clinical outcomes while reducing toxicity.


The advent of antibody-based therapies for cancer has created a new paradigm in the oncology landscape. In fact, antibodies can target tumor cells with high specificity and, when bound to cancer cells, antibodies can activate a number of mechanisms that can induce the immune system to kill tumor cells.


Our Technology

After years of studying and researching a specific set of structures present only on cancer cells, the “Tumor Associated Carbohydrate Antigens” (more specifically Sialyl-Tn), we have developed a monoclonal antibody (mAb) designed to treat solid tumors.

The focus

To treat early stage, chemoresistant, immunosuppressive and metastatic cancers that express specific biomarkers.

Disease Incidence

More than 80% of epithelial cancers such as colorectal, bladder, gastric, pancreas, ovarian and breast, express Sialyl-Tn and its derivatives.

Unmet needs

There is a strong urge for developing safer and more effective treatments for patients with solid tumors and rare cancers with unmet needs.


Our technology effectively targets cancer cells that express certain glycan structures, with the potential to: a) act by reducing the immunesuppression; b) deliver active ingredients to the sites of interest more effectively.

Intelectual Property

We have submitted a patent application for an innovative technology with the capability of enabling the development of lifesaving medicines and diagnostic devices.

High precision targeting

Our technology targets a specific set of biomarkers present on the surface of cancer cells, therefore not affecting healthy cells, resulting in more effective and safer treatments.

Scientific Publications

Awards & Recognitions

03 2013

Scientific Merit Award

The winning project, entitled "Antibody Engineering for the Treatment of Breast Cancer" was developed by researchers ...
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05 2014

Innovation Award

Scientific project led by Professora Paula Videira, which identifies a new therapeutic target for cancer won...
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